Big Ideas for Teachers

Generating Student Effort


Planning a quality lesson and executing tight classroom management are two thirds of our classroom learning triumvirate. The final frontier? Generating student effort.

Getting kids to try hard is a function of three levers a teacher can pull: building class culture, challenging (all) students appropriately, and enlisting the support of parents.

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Additional Resources

“Phoning Parents” by Mike Goldstein

In this book, Mike Goldstein, the founder of Match Charter Public School and the Match Teacher Residency, provides practical, digestible advice about how to drive better teaching through better communication with parents. "Phoning Parents" will help you systematically build relationships with parents that allow you to get more out of your students and stay sane as a teacher. This book provides a road map for professionals, offering specific tips on different types of phone calls and when to use them, how to manage various parent responses, and how to develop your own high-leverage calling routine with your parents. Phoning Parents is an essential how-to guide for teachers at all levels, school leaders, and anyone else who seeks to build great relationships with children and their families.

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Generating student effort is one of three key variables to driving classroom learning.

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Generate effort by asking all students to participate at an appropriate level of rigor.