Big Ideas for Coaches

Implementing Practice-Based PD


Principal Sweeney is bought in to the idea of using much of his scheduled professional development time–indeed, the majority of that time–to letting his teachers practice teaching. Whether he's introducing a new lesson planning framework or trying to promote a new instructional skill, he's committed to giving his teachers the space to try it out. He also knows that a key component of the processing of improvement is feedback.

This Mini tracks Principal Sweeney's new and bold plan to not only implement practice-based PD, but also to promote a robust practice-feedback loop in his school.

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Additional Resources

MATCH Teacher Coaching NOLA Evaluation Plan

This 2014 study examined the effectiveness of individual teacher coaching as a professional development strategy. Researchers found that teachers who received direct, individual coaching and feedback on their practice made significant gains, and that those gains persisted year over year.

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