Observing Teachers

The Case for a Student-Facing Rubric


What should an instructional coach be looking at when she observes a lesson? If she's got a rubric detailing ideal teacher moves, she's probably focusing most of her attention on the teacher. And we think that's wrong. Well, half wrong.

If the coach is working from a rubric that describes what *students* are doing in an ideal lesson, she's more focused on the bottom line: whether kids are learning. If they're not, such a "student-facing" rubric will help her determine what the biggest roadblock to student learning is, and what instructional moves could be implemented to address it.

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Observing Teachers

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The Kraken: A Student-Facing Instructional Rubric

The Kraken is the student-facing rubric that Match uses in its teacher residency program at the Sposato Graduate School of Education. This version is pared down just a bit for ease of use. We think its an excellent tool for instructional coaches as they diagnose barriers to learning in a classroom, and determine what instructional moves they'll prescribe for teachers to address those barriers.

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