Implementing Practice Based PD

Modeling Effective Teaching


You've asked your staff to practice teaching during PD meetings; they're doing so in authentic classroom-like environments; and they're hungry for, open to, and proficient at giving feedback!

But hold - it's time to put your money where your mouth is, Principal Sweeney. It's time to model effective teaching. Before you set your staff off to practice an instructional move, you need to show them how to do it. After all, some of your staff are reticent about role-playing (or just very sleepy by the time PD hour roles around). They're going to need you to bring the energy, give them a decent benchmark, and break the ice.

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Additional Resources

Practice Perfect

As we've developed our theory of teacher development, we've drawn significant inspiration from Doug Lemov's "Practice Perfect." You'll be inspired by his big ideas around practice and improvement, and motivated by his practical suggestions around implementation.

From Amazon:

"In this book, the authors engage the dream of better, both in fields and endeavors where participants know they should practice and also in those where many do not yet recognize the transformative power of practice. And it’s not just whether you practice. How you practice may be a true competitive advantage. Deliberately engineered and designed practice can revolutionize our most important endeavors. The clear set of rules presented in Practice Perfect will make us better in virtually every performance of life. The 'how-to' rules of practice cover such topics as rethinking practice, modeling excellent practice, using feedback, creating a culture of practice, making new skills stick, and hiring for practice."

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